Are there any Solitaire fans here? This is for you if so. Today in the Amazon app store you can grab yourself a copy of the must-have Solitaire Megapack game which includes more than 100 different card games. Usually this game is available for $2.99 so this is another great deal you don’t want to pass up if you love Solitaire.

Some games, just to name a few include Bakers Game, Hole In One, Mini Golf, Pyramid Golf, Shadow Peaks and Klondike One.  Take a look at the screenshots below and then go download the game in the Amazon app store if you are interested.

Do you already own and play this game? I’m sure someone out there already enjoys it. Take a look at their developers website to see a list of all the games included and continuously being added. Click here. Let us know what you think if you’ve tried this or become addicted. Leave your comments in the box below.