Speculations make it seem like Apple will definitely be rolling out a second-generation iPad next April. This will only be a year after the original iPad launch. When the Wall Street Journal mentions something is going to happen, most of the time they are correct.

Many consumers have been speculating the form factor and features of the “rumored” iPad 2. We’ve seen everything from people saying it will have a thinner form factor to people thinking it will have a higher-resolution display. According to Brian Marshall, of Gleacher & Company where you can find executive management and the latest company developments, he says the second iPad will be essentially be the same as the first with one exception, “It will be the same form factor, but with dual-camera functionality.” He also mentioned that we should expect the same storage size’s that are in the first generation iPad to be in the second as well: 16GB, 32GB and 64GB.

Do you suspect this may be true as well? With the iPad being about a year old it seems like it’s reasonable at least. What do you think? If you currently own the first iPad would this persuade you to go buy the iPad 2? I feel like there may be more changes than what’s being mentioned. Do you? All we can do for now is wait for more news!

Source: Computerworld & WSJ