Ladies and Gentleman, you all thought RIMGeeks died and went to heaven, boy you are mistaken! After a brief hiatus we present to you BBSAK 1.8.  BBSAK is back and better than ever. Its been updated to work with windows 7 and the expiration date has been removed. With the release of the newest blackberry JDE, RIM has provided an updated javaloader which allowed us to make BBSAK even better. Over the last year, we have advanced our knowledge of  and this has allowed us to completely redesign the code, to provide some nice performance enhancements. The update also includes: all devices now display the correct image as well as reworked backup and restore functions. Also with so many request, we have added the ability to name your backup files, and choose which folder to restore them from! So for all you blackberry users addicted to changing your OS’s daily, grab the download in the forums!
BBSAK’s Feature List
• Redesigned code for better performance.
• New Javaloader for OS 6.0 compatibility.
• Wipe Blackberry leaving a 507 error.
• Reset Blackberry to factory state removing any IT Policy.
• Take Screenshots of your Blackberry (Screenshots stored in My Pictures\BBScreenies now)
• Auto-Detects if phone is plugged in first.
• Displays PIN so you know your connected.
• Will not let you do any actions until phone detected.
• Load OS will auto delete Vendor.xml and start Loader.exe. (BBDM is needed for this)
• Backup 3rd Party Apps.
• Restore 3rd Party Apps.