We’d Like to thank Brian @ explainthefee.com for writing this article and giving his insight!

Premium Data.  What is it? Is it something tangible like shrimp and crab at a buffet?  Or is it like the Easter Bunny, elusive and mysterious, hidden from the world only to show up every month on your Sprint bill?
Explainthefee.com has continued it’s campaign to bring the truth out to EVO users everywhere and have Sprint define exactly what that they’re paying for.  One of their latest battles, is a phone conversation that took place between Brian (Owner of the aforementioned site,) and a Sprint “Executive Analyst” who responded to a BBB complaint.  This legal recording demonstrates Sprint’s ability to apathetically defend the fee, even when asked specific questions.

Sprint says Premium Data is for Shrimp and Crab! from Explainthefee on Vimeo.

This is a highlight of what was talked about:
Me: Your reply to me is that the $10, the $10 premium data add-on is for unlimited data usage, my plan already has unlimited data, what would be the difference between this and I went to say, an all you can eat buffet, that was basically all you can eat, and this term, this is all you can use, what is, why would the $10 premium data fee ensure that I have unlimited data?
Sprint: It would be for shrimp and crab.
Me: OK um..
Sprint: The shrimp and crab is not included in the regular buffet.
Me: OK, what is shrimp and crab, what is the comparison to shrimp and crab on the HTC EVO?
Sprint: The high quality video, like I said, the YouTube application, it’s the other phones have, they do have the YouTube applications, they do have the ESPN and things like that, the ESPN that you’d be able to stream on the EVO is different, it’s higher quality, like I said, it requires more actual data, when you’re using that actual feature.
Sprint seems to be defending the fee with the fact that the EVO can view YouTube in high quality.  This might be a hard argument since YouTube just released their “m.youtube.com” on July 9th, which allows anyone to see high quality videos on any mobile phone.
Watch the video or read the transcript, but the decision is yours.  Are you willing to pay for “shrimp and crab” when you’re getting lobster and caviar* at no extra cost?
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